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Why is Cremation important – Why We Follow This Custom?

Cremation is the combustion, oxidation, and vaporization of cadavers to the basic chemical compounds such as ashes, gases and mineral fragments retaining the appearance of dry bone. It may serve as a funeral or post-funeral rite as an alternative to the interment of an intact dead body in a coffin or basket.

Cremation is the burning of the human body until its soft parts are destroyed by fire. It is the irreversible process because it involves subjecting the body to a high temperature to reduce it into basic elements. In a crematorium, the complete process takes two to three hours’ time, depending on the weight of the individual being cremated. Coming to the cultural and religious aspect, cremation is allowed in the most religious systems. It is the most popular ways of disposing of the dead.

Importance of Cremation:

  • Cremation helps mourners in healing and recovering from the loss, because it reduces the body to its component element quickly, thereby encouraging acceptance of death.
  • It is less costly than other funeral service and the process of cremation is quicker.
  • Cremation is frequently considered more environmentally friendly; while burial is a source of environmental contaminants including the casket. 
  • Cremation takes up less land and helps with the problem of overcrowded cemeteries. 
  • It is portable; so after the cremation the ashes can be transported. You can put the ashes into a container or an urn and take them with you when you move. You can find different types of urn such as biodegradable urns, companion urns, and keepsake urns and so on. 
  • You can turn these ashes into a tree or scatter at sea using a water-soluble urn.
  • In cremation, the body can be cremated in a simple cardboard container.
  • After the cremation, the family has more time to decide what to do with the ashes. 

These are the importance of the cremation, as people might choose to cremate a loved one, including the religious beliefs, family traditions and the wishes of the deceased in a will. Choosing how to cremate of a loved one is a very personal decision and it’s important to remember you have made the right choice.

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