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30 Ultra Arterial Fluid (24 Pints)

30 Ultra Arterial Fluid (24 Pints)

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. 34 Special Arterial Fluid

. Ultra Arterial Fluid is a 30 index fluid that has extra dye in it. This cosmetic fluid is ideal for adding color without using a lot of makeup.



1. Blended with 190 proof ethanol. This increases the speed at which the fluid penetrates the tissues. This will reduce the time of the embalming process.

2. Contains Phenol for disinfection. Phenol is the best disinfectant. With all the diseases that are a concern today, (Aids, Hepatitis A, Strep, Staff, Mold, Bird Flu) it is the embalmer’s responsibility to protect everyone. He has to protect himself, his family, fellow workers, and of course, the public.

3. Contains EDTA, which is a chelating agent to remove the calcium Ion. The calcium ion causes blood to clot. Calcium is also found in our drinking water. EDTA will allow better circulation and drainage.

4. Contains a non-ionic detergent. This “soap” helps the fluid penetrate the fatty tissues allowing a better diffusion of the fluid.

5. Contains Glycols for prevention of dehydration and burning of the tissues. Having glycols in the fluid will stop the “graying effect” formaldehyde has when used in high index fluids. It will retard tissue shrinkage. Eye lids, mouths and to some extent razor burns will be less of a problem.

6. Fluids can be custom blended to solve problems for our customers. You don’t have to by any extra cases of additives, just let us know what you need in the fluid.


Please Print this Sheet to Keep On File if You are Ordering.



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