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3 Must-Have Supplies and Items Every Funeral Home & Mortuary Must Have

When you are operating a mortuary or a funeral home, you know that are working in death care industry and therefore have to be extra careful in arranging the process and items specific to meet the requirements of the clients, as well as ensure timely process.

There are several things that a mortuary or funeral must have, whether there is a normal death case, an accidental death or else. Here, we list down some key items every mortuary and funeral home must have:

Mortuary Stretchers
The stretchers are essential to transport the body bags from one point to another, and are also important when there is a need to put and store corpses on them. There are multiple and versatile uses of mortuary stretchers specific to the requirements of the particular mortuary or funeral home. There are different types of mortuary stretchers, the common being one-man stretcher. Some stretchers also come with attached with securement straps and cot pouch to ensure convenient passage of body from one location to another.

Mortuary Bags, Garments and Apparels
Keeping the dead body in mortuary bags, right from transporting the deceased from the spot of the death up to keeping it in mortuary, is an essential part of a mortuary. There are different types of body bags, that are used specific to the requirement, like where the body is being transported from, how it is transported and so.

Apart from mortuary bags, protective apparel and garments are also important for the mortuary staff to keep them safe and secure for any threat of disease that they can catch from the deceased’s body. There are a wide range of garments needful for the mortuaries, which are specifically designed to keep staff and visitors perfectly safe and secured.

Embalming Products
Embalming table, embalming instruments are some needful stuffs that are critical or a mortuary or a funeral home when there is a need to keep and store the body for a longer period of time. The embalming process removes the fluids from inside the body and the chemicals applied help the body to stop getting degenerated.
These three stuffs are the most important stuffs that any mortuary and funeral home must have in order to provide legally compliant and standardized service to people.

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