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4 Funeral Myths You Need to Stop Believing From This Moment

Dealing with death of end of life care for a loved one can be a stressful and emotional time. However, there are some necessary steps that need to be taken in accordance with the culture and religion to properly bid bye to the deceased one.

Funeral is an obligatory process. But over the years, outside influences have led to some myths and made-up theories about this final step in a person’s journey. Here, we list down some common myths related to funerals which you must avoid believing:

  1. Embalming is Mandatory
    Nowhere in the law it is stated that embalming the body has to be legally performed for each deceased person. This is a method most suitable and applied in conditions when refrigeration is not available along with certain other conditions like delay in cremation. Also, there is no truth in the myth the embalming preserves the body forever. About a week after the embalming is done, the body starts to decompose again, taking into consideration the environment and temperature. Make sure you have the right and full knowledge of mortuary process and mortuary supplies to ensure every aspect is in accordance.
  2. For Eco-Friendly Process Pick Cremation over Burial
    In modern times, not only cremation is eco-friendly but burial process has also taken the green form. There are biodegradable burial shroud or casket and eco-friendly urns that provide the best option for those who want to go with burial without affecting the environment.
  3. No Funeral Service if Someone is Cremated
    This is completely silly a belief to think of. There are several cases where families have organised funeral before and after the cremation process. There is no such state law with regards to this. Sometimes, families do opt for less formal service because of their personal reasons.
  4. Funerals are Expensive
    Just like any other event, it all depends on what elements you want to go through in the funeral or cremation process. If you pick a pricey casket or add some additional factors to the funeral, then it can go expensive. But with standard service, basic process and components involved, it won’t cost too much.

When planning a funeral, there are many emotions flowing and during such times you are vulnerable to believe what you heard. But it is always better to keep your knowledge up. Make sure to contact an experienced and right funeral director, source quality mortuary supplies specific to the requirements to keep every process in order and right. Consult them thoroughly regarding any doubts and queries that you have.

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